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Privacy Notice

We gather the information?
With you order, if registered on the site, to get the information to investigate newspaper subscription or fill out the form.

Name, email address, email address, telephone number or credit card information: visit our website or register by order, if specified to rebel. However, you can visit the site anonymously.

Google, as a third-party vendor to use cookies ad site. Cookies users based on your web site you use Google on the Internet, and visit other sites advertising darts.

Information used to?
We gather all the information, use one of the following ways:

personal experience
(Information we need to best respond to help each)
To improve our website
(We have received feedback to the base and to continue to work to improve the result)

To improve customer service
(Information we need good customer service requests and support will help to)

How to protect your data?
We said that we place an order or enter, send information or information security to ensure a variety of security measures to apply.

They proposed to use a secure server. The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology transfer / new money, and then used in all sensitive database, but those log, system log, and are safe? Information to maintain privacy.

The transaction, information (credit cards, social security numbers, financials, etc.) later, not be stored on the server.

We use cookies?
(Cookies or service in such a system, browser, and live, small files on the Internet, or computer hard disk transfer web browser and services (if allowed) are living through some catch and remember to identify

We are using the product in the car and understand what use cookies to help us remember, and his preference for the future of transport and communications secure and that they can provide the service on a visit to gather aggregate data, and future devices.

The third party may give any information?
Do not sell, trade or otherwise transfer information to outside can be. A website, business, or work for a trusted third-party support in the work, as long as the parties agree to keep secret. You can publish information, release, compliance with laws or rights, to protect property, or to protect ourselves or others believe that the appropriate policy to apply. However, we have personal information, business, advertising or other purposes to other parties in the region can not know. .